Children learn by doing, playing is an important part of that learning. We make sure that St. Luke’s United Methodist Preschool is the kind of place children have fun, learn, and want to be when they cannot be home. We carefully plan each day to nurture and support your child’s growth and development.

At St. Luke’s United Methodist Preschool, we use the best possible tools to help your children learn how to relate with other children and adults, as well as how to grow in their own skills and abilities. We help your child to learn, have fun, make friends, be happy, and feel secure.

We are committed to providing a quality full day preschool!

St. Luke’s is proud to provide children with:

  • Small classes of 8-10 children.
  • Field Trips
  • Meals Served-Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Snack
  • Large outdoor and indoor play area
  • Special activities like Jump Bunch, Soccer and Ballet
  • Participation with the Office for Children and their Child Care Assistance Program.
  • Participation with United States Department of Agriculture